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The Use And Maintenance Of The Reducer During Running-in Period
- Aug 28, 2017 -

After the deceleration machine factory, General stipulation has 200 hour or so running-in period (over time must change oil), this is the deceleration machinery use early technical characteristic and stipulates. Running-in period is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, reduce the failure rate and prolong its service life. But at present, some users, due to lack of knowledge of the use of the reducer or because the permissible torque is not enough, or want to get the benefits, small machine, and ignore the new machine running-in period of special technical requirements.

Some users even think that, anyway, manufacturers have a warranty period, the machine is damaged by the manufacturers responsible for maintenance, so the reducer in the running-in period for a long time overload, resulting in frequent reducer failures, which not only affect the normal use of reducer, shorten the service life of the reducer. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the running-in period of the reducer should be paid enough attention.