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The Origin Of The Development Of Gear
- Aug 28, 2017 -

In the west, in the 300, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in the "Mechanical problem", expounded the use of bronze or cast iron gears to transfer rotation movement problem

At the end of 19th century, the principle of the cutting-off method and the successive appearance of the special machine tool and the cutter with this principle, the involute tooth shape showed great superiority after the gear machining had a complete means. As long as the gear teeth from the normal meshing position a little movement, you can use the standard tool in the machine tool to cut the corresponding modified gears. In 1908, the Swiss Maag studied the method of modification and manufactured the exhibited shaper, and later, the British BSS, the United States Agma, Germany din successively put forward a variety of calculation methods for gear displacement.

The gear hobbing machine and Gear shaper which appeared in 19th century solved the problem of producing high-precision gears. 1900, Pfort for gear hobbing machine installed on the differential device, can be machined on the gear hobbing machine bevel gears, from this hobbing machine hobbing gear is popular, the development of processing gear accounted for overwhelming advantage, involute gears become the most widely used gears.

1899, the first implementation of the Rafah Gear modification scheme. The modified gear can not only avoid the tooth root cut, but also can be fitted with the center distance and improve the bearing capacity of the gears. 1923 American Wildhaber first proposed the arc Tooth Profile gear, 1955 Sunovikov to the ARC gear carried on the thorough research, the arc gear has been able to apply in the production. The bearing capacity and efficiency of this gear are higher, but it is not as easy to manufacture as the involute gears.