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Technical Requirements Of CNC Milled Components
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Sets of CNC milled components are classified according to their structural characteristics: various bearing rings and bushings that support the rotating body, drill sleeves and guide bushes on the fixture, cylinder liners on the internal combustion engine, hydraulic cylinders in the hydraulic system, and electro-hydraulic servo valves. Valve cover, cooling jacket inside the spindle, etc.

1. The structural features of the set of precision machined parts

The structure and dimensions of nested parts vary from one application to another, but the structure generally has the following characteristics:

1) L, where the diameter d of the outer circle is generally smaller than its length, usually L/d<5.

2) The difference between the diameter of the inner hole and the outer circle is small.

3) The coaxiality of the inner and outer circular rotating surfaces is required to be high.

4) The structure is relatively simple.

Precision Machined Parts

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