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Installation And Use Of Reducer
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Reducer is a kind of common power transmission mechanism, in a variety of mechanical transmission systems have applications, such as: driving lifting device, coal mine transport equipment, paper factory transmission devices, are used, the installation and use of reducer directly related to the operation of the reducer, to comply with technical specifications and standards. Reducer in the installation and use of the following considerations:

1, the reducer in the installation, to pay special attention to the transmission center axis of the alignment, the error in the right can not exceed the use of the gear reducer used compensation. The reducer can obtain more ideal transmission effect and longer service life in accordance with the requirements.

2. On the output shaft of the reducer, when the transmission is installed, must pay attention to the operation of the soft, prohibit the use of hammers and other tools rough installation, it is best to use the assembly fixture and end shaft of the internal thread to install, to bolt the strength of the drive parts into the reducer, so as to protect the reducer internal parts will not be damaged.

3, Reducer used in the coupling has a variety of optional types, but it is best not to use steel fixed-type coupling, this type of coupling is difficult to install, once the improper installation will increase the load, easy to cause damage to the bearing, or even the output shaft fracture.

4, the speed reducer is very important to ensure smooth and firm, generally speaking, we should be installed in a reducer on a level base or base, while the oil tank should be able to remove oil, and cooling the air circulation smoothly. The reducer's fixed bad, the foundation is unreliable, will appear causes, the vibration and so on phenomenon, also may cause the bearing and the gear to suffer the unnecessary damage.

5. The transmission of the reducer shall be fitted with protective devices when necessary, such as protruding material on the connecting parts or the use of gears, sprocket drives, etc., if the output shaft is subjected to a larger radial load, the reinforcement should also be chosen.