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Gear Reducer
- Aug 28, 2017 -

1, the gear reducer is the original motive and the working machine between the independent closed-type transmission device, used to reduce the speed and increase torque to meet the needs of the work, in some cases also used to speed up, known as the growth rate. No coupling and adapter, compact structure. The load is distributed on the planetary gears, thus carrying capacity is higher than the general helical gear reducer. Meet the need of high torque output in small space. High transmission power, gear structure according to the principle of modular design, easy to use and maintenance, according to technical and engineering conditions to configure and select materials; the selection of reducer should be based on the selection of working conditions, technical parameters, power engine performance, economic and other factors, compared with different types of reducer of the external profile size, bearing capacity, transmission efficiency, quality, price, etc., select the most suitable reducer. Widely used in large-scale mines, ports, chemicals, steel, environmental protection and other fields.

2, gear reducer in China's development has been nearly 40 years of history, widely used in the national economy and the defense industry in all fields. Products have been from the original single cycloidal reducer, the development of the current five categories of products, namely, cycloid Reducer, gear reducer, CVT, worm gear reducer, electric roller. According to the preliminary statistics, reducer dosage than a larger industry mainly: power machinery, environmental protection machinery, metallurgical machinery, road machinery, electronic appliances, food machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, light industry machinery, construction machinery, conveying machinery, cement machinery, building materials machinery, water conservancy machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum machinery, and so on, these industries use reducer products have accounted for the number of industries in the country using the total number of reducer $number.