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Development Situation Of Gear Industry In China
- Aug 28, 2017 -

China's gear industry in the "XV" during the rapid development: 2005 the annual output of the gear industry from 2000 to 24 billion yuan to 68.3 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 23.27%, has become China's mechanical Foundation in the largest industry. In terms of market demand and scale of production, China's gear industry ranked more than Italy in the world's fourth place.

In 2006, the total industrial output of all gear, transmission and drive parts in China totaled 102,628,183,000 yuan, up 24.15% from a year earlier, and realized cumulative sales revenue of 98,238,240,000 yuan, up 24.37% from a year earlier, and realized total profit of 5,665,210,000 yuan, which increased 26.85% over a year earlier.

2007 1-December, the total industrial output of all gear, drive and drive parts in China was 136,542,841,000 yuan, up 30.96% from a year earlier; 2008 1-October, all gear, drive and drive parts manufacturing enterprises in China achieved cumulative industrial output value of 144,529,138,000 yuan, which grew 32.92% over a year earlier.

Compared with developed countries, there are some problems such as lack of independent innovation ability, slow new product development, disorderly market competition, weak enterprise management, low informatization level and comprehensive quality of the employees. At this stage gear industry should be through market competition and integration, improve the concentration of the industry, forming a group of billions of Yuan, 500 million yuan, 100 million yuan assets of large, medium and small-scale enterprises; through the independent intellectual property product design and development, the formation of a number of vehicle transmission system (transmission, drive axle assembly) lead the enterprise, with the lead enterprise matching capacity to integrate the gear industry capacity and resources, to achieve specialization, networking, forming a large numbers of characteristics of the process, characteristics of products and rapid response capacity of famous enterprises; Through technical renovation, the realization of modern gear manufacturing enterprise transformation.

"Eleven-Five" In the end, China's gear manufacturing annual sales can reach 130 billion yuan, per capita sales rose to 650,000 yuan/year, in the world rankings to reach the world's second largest industry. 2006-2010 will be added equipment 100,000 units, that is, each year for new equipment investment of about 6 billion yuan, the new purchase of 20,000 machine tools, an average price of 300,000 yuan per unit. By 2010, China's gear manufacturing industry should have a total of about 400,000 machine tools, including 100,000 CNC machine tools, CNC rate 25% (higher than the mechanical manufacturing industry average of 17%).