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Cause Analysis Of Oil Leakage In Reducer
- Aug 28, 2017 -

1. Pressure rise in the tank

In a closed reducer, each pair of gears engages in friction to produce heat, according to Boyle Marius Special law, with the operation of the length of time, so that the temperature in the deceleration chassis gradually increased, and the reduction in the size of the chassis, so the pressure in the box is increased, the box inside the lubricant by splashing, sprinkle in the deceleration chassis inside the wall. Because the permeability of oil is relatively strong, under the pressure of the box, which is not strict seal, oil will seep from where.

2, reducer structure design unreasonable cause of oil leakage

such as the design of the reducer without ventilation hood, reducer can not achieve the pressure, resulting in a more and more high pressure box, oil leakage phenomenon.

3, excessive amount of refueling

Reducer in the operation process, the oil pool was stirred very badly, lubricating oil in the machine everywhere splash, if the refueling volume too much, so that a large number of lubricants accumulated in the shaft seal, the joint surface and so on, leading to leakage.

4. Improper maintenance process

In the equipment overhaul, due to the combination of dirt on the surface of the removal of incomplete, or improper selection of sealant, seal the direction of the reverse, not timely replacement of seals, etc. will also cause leakage.