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Injection Molding Parts

  • Rubber Injection Molded Parts And White Hard Plastic Injection Molded Spur Gears

    Rubber Injection Molded Parts And White Hard Plastic Injection Molded Spur Gears

    This hard plastic molding part can be processed here in customized various shape like plastic spur gears and it is made up with PC, PP or ABS material. It can be rubber injection molding too. We have been manufacturing injection molded gears more than ten years and have good...Read More

  • The Rubber Injection Molding

    The Rubber Injection Molding

    In Shanghai Guiyao , your project will be implemented through an efficient project management process for quotation, designing, manufacturing, testing, improving and shipment in plastic mould manufacturer and rubber injection molding china. The professional project...Read More

  • Aluminum Injection Mold

    Aluminum Injection Mold

    With Shanghai Guiyoa's innovative, dedicated and experienced team we can provide the high quality plastic injection mold and aluminum injection mold injection molding products , rapid prototype mold and professional solutions you want.Read More

  • The Plastic Component Design

    The Plastic Component Design

    ShangHai Guiyao is professional in plastic injection mould making and Plastic Component Design, injection molding, rapid prototype making in china mould maker. Guiyao is to be professional, trustworthy and creative. We always keep Layout at the top, push modernized management...Read More

  • Plastic Component Design

    Plastic Component Design

    Personally, We have worked on many aluminum molds and plastic component design that produce high quality custom plastic prototype parts even after several hundreds of thousands of cycles. At first we were highly skeptical, but after several years of making injection molding...Read More

  • Injection Casting

    Injection Casting

    This is precisely what injection casting is all about. These molds are made of high grade aluminum and can produce anywhere from a few parts to thousands. Injection mold making is typically rather slow because the mold making process is so complicated.Read More

  • Silicone Injection Molding

    Silicone Injection Molding

    Silicone injection moldingis exactly what the name implies, but multiplied by a factor of 10! It is hard to imagine that anyone could offer a service that can guarantee a fully functioning injection mold in a day or two, but that is actually the case.Read More

  • Plastic Insert Molding

    Plastic Insert Molding

    Shanghai Guiyao have a design team and more experience in plastic insert molding field. Toolings are insert mouldings, injection mouldings, plastic injection mouldings(Molded Plastic,plastic injection molding,plastic mold,molding plastic). In the future, We will continually...Read More

  • Injection Plastic Parts

    Injection Plastic Parts

    Shanghai Guiyao can make the injection plastic parts. China mold maker have become renown not due to quality but the price ranges. Nevertheless, you can still find other mold makers in UK, US, German among other places. China stands out due to it availability of cheap labour,...Read More

  • Custom Plastic Manufacturing

    Custom Plastic Manufacturing

    Shanghai Guiyao is one of the custom plastic manufacturing,There are numerous China injection molding companies in china. There are also different forms of mold use in china like the blow and injection mold and the most common is the injection mold.Read More

  • Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

    Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

    Shanghai Guiyao will use the plastic injection mold tooling, That is because some companies have unfair advantage in terms of quality of mould and design. Do not be cheated the low prices of mould makers in China can be because of low quality.Read More

  • Plastic Moulded Parts

    Plastic Moulded Parts

    Shanghai Guiyao can make plastic moulded parts, Any reputable China mold maker can produce several tons of medium mould through use of appropriate steel technology. The best part is that plastic moulds now vary based on customer expectations. It is important that you...Read More

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