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Forging Parts

  • Cold Metal Or Aluminum Small Forging (forge) Parts For Advanced Equipment

    Cold Metal Or Aluminum Small Forging (forge) Parts For Advanced Equipment

    Our cold forging small parts are widely applied for transmission devices different gearbox and mining machinery. According to the special requirements of customers they can made as aluminum forging for electronics. Please come here for forging small parts and let us help...Read More

  • Small Forge

    Small Forge

    The small forge, specifically, can strengthen the material by sealing cracks and closing empty spaces within the metal. The hot forging process wi​ll highly reduce or eliminate inclusions in the forged part by breaking up impurities and redistributing their material...Read More

  • Metal Forging Equipment

    Metal Forging Equipment

    Most metal forging equipment are carried out hot, due to the need to produce large amounts of plastic deformation in the part, and the advantage of an increased ductility and reduced strength of the work material. Hot die forging also eliminates the pr​oblem of strain...Read More

  • Cold Forging Small Parts

    Cold Forging Small Parts

    The cold forging small parts required higher forces, will also produce greater surface finish and dimensional accuracy than hot die forging. Some specific metal forging processes are always performed cold, such as coining.Read More

  • Forging Small Parts

    Forging Small Parts

    The forging small parts and the other high costs of setting up an operation make the production of small quantities of forged parts e​xpensive on a price per unit basis.Read More

  • Small Metal Forge

    Small Metal Forge

    The Metal forgings can be small parts, or weigh as much as 700,000 lbs. we called "small metal forge".The forging process is very important in industrial metal manufacture, particularly in the extensive iron and steel manufacturing industry. A steel forge is often a source...Read More

  • Forged Pistons And Rods

    Forged Pistons And Rods

    The forged pistons and rods are used in modern industry include critical aircraft parts such as landing gear, shafts for jet engines and turbines, structural components for transportation equipment.​Read More

  • Forged Aluminum

    Forged Aluminum

    We used different materials. such as forged aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, and nickel alloys are also commonly forged metals. It is important to understand the principles of manufacturing forged products, including different techniques and basic metal forging...Read More

  • Metal Forge

    Metal Forge

    The Metal forging is known to produce some of the strongest manufactured parts compared to other metal manufacturing processes, and obviously, is not just limited to iron and steel forging but to other metals as well. Different types of metals will have a different...Read More

  • Steel Forging Small Metal Forge (forged) Pistons And Rods Forged Aluminum Or Brass Forging Parts

    Steel Forging Small Metal Forge (forged) Pistons And Rods Forged Aluminum Or Brass Forging Parts

    The metal forge products are made here based on Customization requirements for what you can imagine. For our most existing customers, they are widely adopted as small metal forge for trucks and train. Of course they can be brass forging parts and forged aluminum. On quality...Read More

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