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Compression Parts

  • Rubber gasket

    Rubber gasket

    Rubber gasket is a sealing part which is applicable to movement or sealing of liquids, gases, chemicals, foods, pump and valve or into the joined objects. Rubber gaskets are used for tight seals between two or more components with wide range of rubber materials including EPDM...Read More

  • Silicone Gasket

    Silicone Gasket

    Silicone gasket is made from Silicone material,which is a very versatile material ideal for a wide range of gasket applications. offers temperature resistance, weather (UV and ozone) resistance, and fire resistance . and it has very good compression set resistance allowing it...Read More

  • Custom Silicone Rubber Parts

    Custom Silicone Rubber Parts

    Silicone rubber parts is superior to other rubber parts in its resistance to compression set (deformation). It shows a high superiority at both high and low temperatures. This is particularly important when a silicone rubber part is used as either a diaphragm,gasket,seals,...Read More

  • silicone rubber tubing

    silicone rubber tubing

    Thin wall silicone rubber tubing: 1mm-80mm Small silicone rubber tubing is made of superior quality silicone rubber through scientific formula and advanced technology. Typical applications include transferring and sauces with fruit or other solids, accessories for small...Read More

  • Rubber isolator

    Rubber isolator

    Rubber Isolators offer a cost effective solution for vibration isolation of all kinds of rotating machines in applications indoors. If the setup needs to have a high internal damping rubber isolators may be preferred. Shanghai Guiyao Machinery has been one of the reliable...Read More

  • Rubber bellow

    Rubber bellow

    Rubber Bellow is an essential item for all industrial heavy duty pipe lines as it's saves pipe lines from it's damages dule absorved Temperature, Pressure, Movements & Vibration of the pipe. Rubber Bellows design are depends on the Temperature, Pressure & Movements as...Read More

  • EPDM rubber bellow

    EPDM rubber bellow

    These EPDM rubber bellow are resistant to abrasion and many chemicals. Our comprehensive range finds application in number of automotive industries and we offer them at industry's leading rates. Nitrile rubber was the first Synthetic Rubber and shows in general good Ozone,...Read More

  • Rubber sheet

    Rubber sheet

    1, Thin silicone rubber sheet is designed to be used in applications where physical properties are not critical but extreme temperature resistance is still needed. 2, Clear silicone rubber sheet is commonly used in Gasket Making, Vacuum press, Sealing Industries,...Read More

  • Rubber extrusion strip

    Rubber extrusion strip

    Rubber extrusion strip for Door,EPDM U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim Seal with Side Sponge Bulb Rubber Edge Trim Seal also named as rubber edge trim, car door seal, Pinchweld seal,rubber seal, door seal, truck door seal, trunk seal, weatherstrip, hoot seal, co-extruded rubber...Read More

  • Rubber plug

    Rubber plug

    Rubber plug suit for many kind of bottles,makes your bottle more seal,it is flexible and good feeling-touch; Nm treatment, anti-static, non-stick scraps and dust. The molding processes we use is Comprssion Molding: Taking a pr-measured amount of raw rubber material that...Read More

  • Rubber material

    Rubber material

    Selection of the correct elastomeric rubber material for your application, be it fluid or environmental sealing, vibration isolation or dampening, impact bumpers, hoses and fluid movement and various other requires the review of numerous factors such as: dynamic or static...Read More

  • Rubber injetion mold

    Rubber injetion mold

    Rubber Injection Molding is also called Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding, Liquid Silicon Rubber Injection Mold & LIM, which is used to produce liquid silicone rubber products by injection machines, not traditional silicone rubber compression machines, such as silicone rubber...Read More

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