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Sprocket Wheel

  • Sprocket Parts

    Sprocket Parts

    A wheel with a toothed clasp that engages with the section or cable of an accurate block of a piece of the chain wheel: a solid or irradiated gear that engages with the (roller) chain to transfer motion.Sprocket parts are widely used in chemical industry, textile machinery,...Read More

  • Wheel With Sprocket

    Wheel With Sprocket

    The selection of materials - large sprocket and small wheel with sprocket are made of high quality carbon structural steel.Processing and processing technology - using advanced milling tooth processing technology to make the tooth shape more accurate.The overall mechanical...Read More

  • Bicycle Sprocket

    Bicycle Sprocket

    bicycle sprocket is divided into active sprocket and driven sprocket, and the active sprocket is mounted on the engine output shaft through the spline.The driven sprocket wheel is mounted on the motorcycle driving wheel, and the drive wheel is transferred to the driving wheel...Read More

  • Motorcycle Sprockets

    Motorcycle Sprockets

    The role of motorcycle sprockets is when the engine is running, the piston stroke (up and down movement) of the valve opening and closing (time) order of ignition (time), under the effect of "timing" connection, the moment to keep "synchronous" operation.Automobile engine...Read More

  • Sprocket Chain Wheel

    Sprocket Chain Wheel

    Shanghai Guiyao ​can manufacture many types of industrial sprockets,such as sprocket chain wheel,single sprocket wheel,double chain wheel etc,according to your drawing and specification. Shanghai Guiyao can supply types and sizes sprocket according to you design(drawing).Read More

  • Sprocket And Wheel

    Sprocket And Wheel

    The sprocket and wheel is used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tracked vehicles, chainsaws and other machinery to transmit rotary motion between two shafts.Read More

  • Small Chain Sprockets

    Small Chain Sprockets

    Welcome to wholesale our high quality small chain sprockets with competitive price. Shanghai Guiyao are one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. With wide experience and expertise in this field, we must be your best choice.Read More

  • Sprocket Set

    Sprocket Set

    The sprocket set Combined with these characteristics and good insulation, and chemical properties, it has become common-level materials. Its widely used in a variety of mechanical structures and spare parts. Nylon PA6 chain sprockets that made by​ Shanghai Guiyao , has the...Read More

  • Gears And Sprockets

    Gears And Sprockets

    All real gears and sprockets are made from excellent 1045 steel and with thermic treatment which is highly increase the abrasion performance to have a 8000KM life span and can gurantee rustless within 3 years. Guiyao's chains are using the seamless steel tube which can...Read More

  • Chain And Sprocket

    Chain And Sprocket

    The chain and sprocketis the key point during the usage except the quality, the matching will extend the life span and at the same time reduce cost. ​Shanghai Guiyao combines the production of chain and sprocket. One stop purcurement will ruduct your purchase cost and reduce...Read More

  • Roller Chain Sprockets

    Roller Chain Sprockets

    Shanghai Guiyao is a professional manufacturer of sprocket, gear, gear shaft, shaft, roller, machine parts, auto parts etc. Shanghai Guiyao has ​ advanced technology and excellent quality control and testing system, excellent product quality, reasonable price. Our main...Read More

  • Hostile Sprocket Wheels

    Hostile Sprocket Wheels

    Shanghai Guiyao ​can manufacture many types of industrial hostile sprocket wheels,such as large diameter chain sprocket wheels,single sprocket wheel,double chain wheel etc,according to your drawing and specification.Read More

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