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Worm Gear Reducer

  • Customization Iron Casting Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Box for Coal Mine Equipment and for Construction Hoist and Lifting and Agricultural Machine

    Customization Iron Casting Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Box for Coal Mine Equipment and for Construction Hoist and Lifting and Agricultural Machine

    This Worm Gear Box is made up with Iron Casting case and hollow shaft, based on Customization requirements for Construction Hoist and Lifting. For our most existing customers, they are widely adopted as worm gearbox for mining machine and worm gearbox for agricultural...Read More

  • Planetary Gear Set

    Planetary Gear Set

    The planetary gear set contain gears which have teeth that are straight and run parallel to the axis of revolution. These are used primarily for use in parallel shafts. So feel free to become a privileged buyer and purchase for the most competitive prices offered by us.Read More

  • Small Miter Gears

    Small Miter Gears

    A small miter gears at the higher ratios are inherently self locking - the worm can drive the gear but the gear cannot drive the worm. A small miter gearscan provide a 50:1 speed reduction but not a 1:50 speed increase. In practice a worm should not be used a braking...Read More

  • Small Worm Gearbox

    Small Worm Gearbox

    The efficiency of a small worm gearbox ranges from 98% for the lowest ratios to 20% for the highest ratios.As the frictional heat generation is generally high the worm box is designed disperse heat to the surroundings and lubrication is and essential requirement. The small...Read More

  • Worm Wheel Shaft

    Worm Wheel Shaft

    The worm wheel shaft provide a normal single reduction range of 5:1 to 100-1 and can go easily upto 127:1 or more under rare circumstances. The pitch line velocity is ideally up to 30 m/s.​Read More

  • Worm And Wheel Gear

    Worm And Wheel Gear

    As the worm and wheel gear is rotated the worm wheel​ is caused to rotate due to the screw like action of the worm. The size of the worm and wheel gear is generally based on the centre distance between the worm and the worm wheel.Read More

  • Worm Screw

    Worm Screw

    The worm screw is used when a large speed reduction ratio is required between crossed axis shafts which do not intersect. A worm drive consists of a large diameter worm wheel with a worm screw meshing with teeth on the periphery of the worm wheel.The worm screw is similar...Read More

  • Worm Castings For Sale

    Worm Castings For Sale

    The worm castings for sale's speed reducers are right angle speed reducers used in applications usually involving low horsepower. Worm gear set maintain high gear ratios, low or nearly nil gear play or backlash, high shock ​tolerance, and compact design.Read More

  • Worm Castings

    Worm Castings

    While it is a typical custom to use grease to lubricate gears, the worm castingsoperates at peak performance levels with a very heavy oil used as a lubricant. The fluidity of the heavy oil allows the gears to roll smoothly against each other, while grease tends to get sticky...Read More

  • Worm Drive Gearbox

    Worm Drive Gearbox

    By using the worm drive on a fishing reel, the operator can crank the reel's handle at a comfortable speed while the worm gear slows the its action down to a manageable speed. This reduction in speed also increases the amount of power the reel has to do battle with a big...Read More

  • Steering Gear Box

    Steering Gear Box

    The steering gear box cannot be reversed to increase a driven gear's speed. Such assemblies can be found in many electrical tools and devices such as electric drill motors and circular saws. They can also be found in sporting equipment such as fishing reels. Many fishing...Read More

  • Speed Worm

    Speed Worm

    The speed worm from Shanghai Guiyaois commonly used to decrease the speed of a driven gear. As the teeth on a gear engage the worm shaft gear, the gear is rotated one gear to​oth for every full turn of the worm gear. The drive speed is reduced by the number of teeth on the...Read More

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